Recycling Department


Valley Electrical Contracting is excited to do our part to recycle our wastes generated on Commercial, Residential, and Service Projects.

We all cary a responsibility to prevent waste of useful materials and to reduce the impact of manufacturing on the environment. For instance, producing an aluminum can from recycled cans consumes 95% less energy than making that same can with raw materials.

By recycling ballasts and electronics, we can reclaim the glass, metals, and plastics used to produce them. But recycling provides an added benefit, as these products contain heavy metals or other toxins that can contaminate the environment if disposed of improperly.

Because of potential health hazards which may contain Mercury, PCB's, or other toxic components; must have their lamps and ballasts properly managed and disposed of according to several state and government regulations.

You can save money, avoid potential health hazards and reduce your chance of liability by knowing more about your fluorescent lighting system.

Contact Valley Electrical Contracting regarding the lamps and ballasts that you would like to have recycled. We look forward to assisting you in reducing the impact on our environment!